Hydraulic Pile Breaker Round Type
Hydraulic Pile Breaker Round Type

The hydraulic pile breaker represents the most advanced method for breaking concrete piles globally, delivering high efficiency, durability, and minimal construction noise. Capable of cutting piles of varying diameters by adjusting the module combination, this tool ensures versatile application.

Designed for both surface and underwater operations, these pile breakers come in various diameters to tackle the most challenging concrete piles. Their heavy-duty links are equipped with high-capacity diameter hydraulic cylinders, providing maximum torque and stroke to efficiently break through concrete piles that have hardened due to underwater curing.


  • Cost-effective and efficient, cutting 20–100 heaps per day.
  • To suit piles of various diameters and forms, flexible modules can be assembled like building blocks.
  • Modules can easily removed for transportation and reassembling.

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