Manual Hand Grout Pump For Cementitious Grouting
Manual Hand Grout Pump For Cementitious Grouting

Discover the pinnacle of precision with our manual hand grout pump, designed specifically for cementitious grouting tasks. This versatile and efficient pump offers unmatched control and accuracy, ensuring seamless application of cementitious grout in construction projects. Engineered for reliability and ease of use, our pump empowers users to achieve flawless results, making it an indispensable tool for professionals in the construction industry. Explore our range today and revolutionize your cementitious grouting experience with precision and efficiency at your fingertips


  • Heavy duty pump design.
  • Recommended for pumping grout containing resin and cementitious materials.
  • Large galvanized hopper of 13.5 L.
  • 68 LPM @ 1.2 Quart per Stroke (based on water).
  • Maximum output Pressure upto 15 psi.
  • Solids handling of upto 1 inch dia or 50% by volume.
  • Discharge head: 10 inches vertical / 25 inches horizontal

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