Bar Bending Machine
Bar Bending Machine

Our benders represent an evolution in the field of iron processing; they are conceived to guarantee high productivity as well as long durability. They are equipped with long carts that allow for four different working positions. The powerful reduction gear is lubricated in grease bath and all internal components are made of special heat-treated steel. Additionally, all our machines have an electrical self breaking motor as well as a tight, low-voltage electrical wiring. Only superior quality electrical and mechanical components are chosen for installation on our machines. Moreover, our machines all come with a wide range of pins and bushes, on top of a brand new electrical panel that can be programmed for 5 different kinds of bending, guaranteeing safety and speed during simultaneous bending operations. Each bender is fitted with our extremely innovative technology for Bluetooth diagnostics, that will let you check the conditions of your machine at every moment.


  • Comes with One Year Warranty.
  • Our benders follow all CE standard European laws as well as worldwide regulations. The quality control procedures performed on our machines abide by ISO9001/2008 norms.
  • Each machine is equipped with a powerful reduction gear made of tough laminate treated in a special grease bath that doesn’t require any kind of maintenance.
  • Special helical gears allow for the workload to be evenly distributed so as to make them virtually undestroyable.
  • Each machine is bluetooth ready: our brand new diagnostics system, which allows you to keep your bender’s operation under control, will be available simply by adding an antenna module.

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