Bar Cutting Machine
Bar Cutting Machine

Our rebar cutters are designed for the fast cutting of iron bars. All internal mechanical components were specifically created so as to make our machines endurable. They are all made of heat-treated steel. Our cutters are enduring and highly productive. The structure of these machines is produced with modern carpentry materials and their special reduction gears make them particularly strong when cutting. All the manufacturing process of Icaro cutters is made entirely in house by our technicians, therefore the production of our machines can be modeled after our customers’ requests.


  • Comes with One Year Warranty.
  • Our cutters follow all CE standard European laws as well as worldwide regulations. The quality control procedures performed on our machines abide by ISO9001/2008 norms.
  • All gears are produced out of a single piece of raw material without any welding. They are made of 39-Chrome Nickel steel, which provides endurability and hardenability. They all come with their own serial number in order to guarantee complete traceability.
  • Steel made blades of the highest quality are designed for cold-working. Their special shape allows you to re-use them for four times.
  • Adjustable prism bar blocking system.

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